Compile’s best-in-class affiliations map the relationships between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs)

Accurate, linked graph provider affiliations

Consistent HCO Hierarchy

Beyond simple parent-child structure, Compile maps intermediate/regional IDNs with their right child HCOs

HCP-Facility-HCO Affiliations

HCPs are mapped to each facility/location (where activity occurs) and further linked to the respective HCO

Strength Score

Strength of all relationships are quantified between 1-100 derived from several metrics (ex. volume of patients

Up to Date

Compile Affiliations are refreshed monthly to reflect the latest affiliation linkages

Better Coverage

Amalgamation from multiple sources and regular enhancements make Compile affiliations best in class

Mastered IDs across datasets

Each entity is assigned a unique Compile ID & can be linked to multiple other data sources

What makes Compile's data better?

Unified & linked data

Compile’s high capture longitudinal claims data, CMS data sources like provider of service, NPPES and tax filing data from IRS are used to compute the affiliations

Innovative approach

Compile’s best-in-class affiliations are built by triangulating data from multiple data sources through intelligent scoring

Faster insights

Compile's automated algorithms and innovative process is used to refresh the affiliations on a monthly basis as opposed to traditional yearly updates

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights


All data is self-refreshing, and affiliations are refreshed on a monthly basis to provide the latest and most accurate relationships for a provider


Compile’s affiliation application maps out the entire parent-child hierarchy, physician affiliation list, etc. just by filtering out for the health system of interest


The dashboard and the backend query is automated and can recreated for the health system of interest at a push of a button

Entities profiled

6M+ HCP-HCO affiliations
2M+ HCPs
600K+ Facilities
1000+ IDNs