Disease area landscape & overview

Inform brand strategy by looking the claims and patient trends by various patient, physician, provider and payer attributes for the the therapy area of interest

Understanding the market dynamics is key to the success of any brand

Compile’s best-in-class longitudinal medical claims, pharmacy claims, superior affiliations along with an array of linked data sources helps in assessing the disease area of interest at a granular level. Distribution by key patient, physician, provider, and payer attributes, etc. helps in better understanding of the market dynamics. Get a view of the various treatment options available in a disease area and identify the top drugs/procedures. The detailed view of a disease area helps in generating insights for driving key business decisions.

What makes Compile data better?

Unified & linked data

Compile’s high capture longitudinal claims data gives a comprehensive view of any therapy area of interest

Innovative approach

A detailed dashboard to visualize the various data cuts help in better identifying any trends to generate insights

Faster insights

Compile’s automated data processing and dashboard generation process can deliver a market landscape report in a couple of hours

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights

Compile’s market overview dashboard helps in answering a wide array of questions starting from identifying the top physician specialties to understanding any seasonality trends by looking at the monthly data.

Users can also look into how the patterns are varying by patient demographics like age, gender and geography. Dashboard can be used to identify the top physicians and providers for the therapy area of interest.

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