HCP Segmentation

Analyse multidimensional physician profiles in order to better identify and segment the physicians and inform the targeting strategy

Segmentation through better algorithms

Data-driven physician segmentation

By combining all physician interactions across activity types, from clinical to social, Compile’s Advanced segmentation takes into accounts multiple network elements based on use-case that hinder conventional approaches

Therapy area and Use case specific segmentation

User has the freedom to segment physicians based on specific therapy area and assign weights to network elements based on product life cycle like opportunity assessment, launch strategy, maturity phase and many more

Pre-linked data assets

Reduce the time taken to segment the physician based on user inputs, with Compile’s pre-linked data that connects Compile’s claims with public datasets, pubmed publications, clinical trials and affiliations data

Granular insights

Deep dive into a physician level view to understand the influence network and various other attributes including the treatment activity, affiliations, publications and more

Purpose-built algorithm

Compile uses an advanced algorithm for segmenting the physicians which is a combination of looking at the basic physician attributes like claims volume, referral activity publications and more, which gives us Compile an edge over the traditional segmenting approaches

Intuitive application

Compile’s Advanced segmentation application allows the user to assign weights to the exhaustive list of metrics and assign a final score, based on the specific use case, and compare the outputs from both basic and advanced segmentation

What makes Compile's data better?

Unified & linked data

Compile has ingested, cleaned and linked various data sources like medical claims, pharmacy claims, Clinical trials, PubMed etc. to get a complete view of the physicians

Innovative approach

Compile’s Advanced segmentation application allows the user to assign weights to each metric and assign a final score and compare the outputs from both traditional and advanced segmentation

Faster insights

Compile's unified data and automated advanced algorithms can create physician segments 1-2 days as opposed to 3 to 4 weeks traditionally

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights


Generate physician segments instantly using basic market definitions. Compile’s application also allows the user to weigh network elements to tune the score to their use case


By creating a module and incorporating the advanced algorithms, Compile’s Advanced segmentation application simplifies analytical and query requirements and provides a view to distinguish between the traditional and advanced approach


All data is self-refreshing, and physician segmentation for different therapy areas are generated at query time, ensuring accurate and timely data

Entities profiled

30B+ Medical & Pharmacy Claims
300M+ Patients' activities
6M+ HCP-HCO affiliations
>60% Medical Claims Capture
2M+ HCPs
600K+ Facilities
20K+ Provider Networks
1000+ IDNs