IDN level of control

Leverage the learnings from IDN level of control analysis to enhance customer engagement and improve campaign performance

Inform targeting strategy by assessing IDNs control over its physicians

Data-driven control assessment

High capture medical claims along with the physician to IDN employment affiliations are leveraged to assess the control using data driven insights and patterns

Purpose-built algorithm

Compile’s robust algorithm compares the IDN level treatment patterns against that of the employed physicians individually to compute the control attribute

Advanced physician targeting

The level of control exerted by the IDN on its physicians can be used as an advanced metric to inform the targeting strategy i.e. top-down or bottom-up for the physicians

What makes Compile's data better?

Unified & linked data

Compile’s high capture longitudinal claims data along with superior affiliations give insights on the treatment patterns of physicians and IDNs

Innovative approach

Advanced business rules to compare the physician’s treatment pattern against that of IDN helps in determining their level of control

Faster insights

Compile’s unified data and automated algorithms can compute the level of control for a therapy area in a couple of days

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights


High capture longitudinal medical claims and superior affiliations power the IDN level of control analysis making it robust and accurate


Compile’s innovative algorithm assesses various metrics and compute the IDN level of control making the process simple and hassle free


The process of computing the IDN level of control for a therapy/market basket of interest is automated and can be delivered in a couple of days

Entities profiled

30B+ Medical & Pharmacy Claims
300M+ Patients' activities
6M+ HCP-HCO affiliations
>60% Medical Claims Capture
2M+ HCPs
600K+ Facilities
20K+ Provider Networks
1000+ IDNs