IDN level of control

Leverage the learnings from IDN level of control analysis to enhance customer engagement, more efficient investment, and better campaign performance

Influence of Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) is increasing in the US healthcare system

The influence of IDNs and PNs has seen a substantial increase and are playing an undeniably compelling part in the US Healthcare system over time. Owing to the structure of these networks, they possess the likelihood of influencing the treatment pattern and gives the manufacturers the ability to connect with the affiliated physicians immediately at once instead of individual interaction which helps in better reach of the product. IDN level of control can help in identifying the correct approach to target a particular HCP or an entire account – Top-down vs Bottom-up.

Innovative approach for computing IDN level of control

Compile uses a unique approach by combining traditional claims analyses with affiliation mapping to assess the level of control for IDNs. Claims data corresponding to the therapy area and drugs of interest is aggregated at physician and HCO. Affiliations are used to map the parents to HCP and also classify them as IDN/PN/Independent Facilities. The treatment behaviour based on claims share of the physician is compared against that of the IDN to assess similarity. Finally, the level of control for an IDN is marked based on how it fares against the patterns of all the affiliated physicians.

30B+ Medical & pharmacy claims
2M+ Prescribers
1,000+ IDNs
20K+ Provider networks
600K+ Facilities
6M+ Affiliations
7,100 Hospitals
1,000+ IDNs

What makes Compile's solution better?

Unified & linked data

Compile’s high capture longitudinal claims data along with superior affiliations give insights on the treatment patterns of IDNs

Innovative approach

Advanced business rules to compare the physician’s treatment pattern against that of IDN helps in determining their level of control

Faster insights

Compile’s unified data and automated algorithms can compute the level of control for a therapy area in a couple of days

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights

Compile’s IDN level of control dashboard gives the user an insight into the degree of control exerted by various IDNs in the therapy area of interest

Users can also look into how the level of control correlates with the size and geographic presence of the IDN

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