KOL identification

Identify the most influential key opinion leaders (KOLs) across therapy areas by looking into social, research, professional, practice and referral attributes of a physician

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are vital in marketing new products

Identifying the right KOLs and reaching out to them can be crucial for your brand’s success. KoLs can help in influencing the physicians and facilities in their network. Pharma companies typically engage them during the later stages of clinical trials and during drug commercialization. Compile’s array of unified and linked data sources provide visibility into various attributes for physicians and can be leveraged to identify the most influential key opinion leaders (KOLs) and assess their network.

Identifying KOLs by assessing influence networks

Compile uses a unique approach for KOL identification which is a combination of looking at the basic physician attributes like the claims volume, referral activity, payments received, publications, clinical trial and twitter activity along with complex network graph elements. Network graph elements take into account the noise and actual quality of the link and add to the robustness of the approach.

1.1M Publications
8.5K Clinical Trials
$8B+ Payment Dispensed
5.4M HCPs
30B+ Medical and Pharmacy Claims
300M Patients
7,100 Hospitals
1,000+ IDNs

Compile KOL analysis first looks at the node influence on each network individually and later combines them based on desired weightage on each factor. Influence is measured using different centrality measures which identify the central nodes in the network graph. Various directed and undirected network graphs are used to measure degree centrality, eigenvector centrality, in degree centrality and pagerank. Coworker affiliation, clinical trial investigator, pubmed coauthorship, medical school, citation, speaker attendee and referral networks are accounted for ranking the top KOLs.

What makes Compile's solution better?

Unified & linked data

Compile has ingested, cleaned and linked various data sources like PubMED, Clinical trials, Twitter, Open payments, etc. to get a complete view

Innovative approach

Using graph analytics to assess the network of a physician individually makes Compile’s KOL solution more robust

Faster insights

Compile’s unified data and automated algorithms can identify the KOLs in a therapy area in less than a day as opposed to 2 to 4 weeks traditionally

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights

Compile’s KOL dashboard gives the user to weigh the different basic and network elements to come up with a final score for ranking the physicians according to their use case.

Deep dive into a physician level view to understand the influence network and various other attributes including the treatment activity, affiliations, publications, etc.

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