Market Overview

Inform brand strategy by looking the claims and patient trends by various patient, physician, provider and payer attributes for the therapy area of interest

Understand the market landscape for a therapy area

Data-driven pattern generation

Best-in-class longitudinal medical claims, pharmacy claims, superior affiliations along with an array of linked data sources help in a robust assessment the disease area landscape

Actionable insights

Deep dive into the distribution by key patient, physician, provider, and payer attributes, etc. for a therapy area to generate actionable insights powering key business decisions

Intuitive application

Compile’s user friendly and intuitive dashboard helps in better identifying any trends related to patient demographics, physician specialties, geographic distribution, HCO classification, etc. related to a disease area

What makes Compile's data better?

Unified & linked data

Compile’s high capture longitudinal claims data gives a comprehensive view of any therapy area of interest

Innovative approach

A detailed dashboard to visualize the various data cuts help in better identifying any trends to generate insights

Faster insights

Compile’s automated data processing and dashboard generation process can deliver a market landscape report in a couple of hours

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights


Compile’s application also allows the user to define the market basket and quickly generate the insights for the therapy area of interest in real time


By pre-linking all the data elements and automating KPI generating, Compile’s market overview application simplifies analytical and query requirements


High capture longitudinal medical claims and superior affiliations power the market overview dashboard resulting in accurate insights

Entities profiled

30B+ Medical & Pharmacy Claims
300M+ Patients' activities
>60% Medical Claims Capture
7 yr Longitudinal Claims
2M+ HCPs
600K+ Facilities
6M+ HCP-HCO affiliations
1000+ IDNs