Referral analytics

Utilize Compile’s claims data to develop an extensive specialist referral network to understand motives for a particular treatment behavior

Comprehensive referral mapping using high capture medical claims

Data-driven pattern generation

Leverage the high capture medical claims data to build the referral network of a physician and marry it with affiliations to understand the insights at a parent/IDN level

Actionable insights

Deep dive into referral patterns at a physician and IDN level to understand the network between diagnosis and treating physicians, volume of referral in/out and proportion of in-network referrals

Intuitive application

Compile offers a user friendly and intuitive dashboard to deep dive into the referral patterns at various granularities like physician specialty, individual physicians and IDN/parent

What makes Compile's data better?

Unified & linked data

Compile’s high capture longitudinal medical claims data and affiliations provide a holistic insight into referrals at various HCP, facility and a parent level

Innovative approach

Using business algorithm looking at the historic treatment activity of the patient can help in identifying referring HCPs in case the information is missing

Faster insights

Compile’s smart claims data layer and referral backfill algorithm can be leveraged to map the referral network HCPs within a few hours

User friendly and intuitive dashboard for deriving insights


Generate referral networks and insights instantly by defining the basic market basket


By pre-linking the data elements and automating the algorithm/process Compile’s application simplifies referral analytics


All data is self-refreshing, and referral networks are generated at query time, ensuring accurate and timely updates

Entities profiled

2M+ HCPs
300M+ Patients' activities
2B+ Referal claims
6M+ Affiliations