Articles from October, 2014

I’d like to think that we are a lazy bunch, here at Compile. We are also obsessive about building the best product possible. Happily, the two can co-exist. Here’s how.

We strive for speed as we are conditioned to believe that being fast is a good thing. As we become wiser, we realize that going against our intuition by taking some things slowly may sometimes be more effective.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Or why unlimited vacations are good for your company.

Siri, Jeannie and a multitude of apps with human monikers have replaced my dog-eared diary. As efficient and understanding as these digital assistants are (have you ever known Siri to lose her temper or show attitude?), you have to share …

At Compile we are big supporters of open source. All the software that we write relies on open-source. We also contribute back to the community in multiple ways be it through code sharing or other initiatives.

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