Shailesh Chitnis

Former business scribe, current Compile evangelist. Likes quality copy, hates jargon. Believes in Orwell’s six rules for writing.

For all the heavy-duty data science used by sales and marketing teams, it’s ironic that company firmographics data, that old workhorse of list generation, hasn’t really evolved. This post has a simple example of how better company intelligence, one that …

The “go big or go home” approach that many startups rely on today requires a deep pool of capital. At some stage, the effects of the real economy will creep in, and money won’t be cheap. When that happens, how …

Too often as marketers we are so focused on customer personas, buying journey and the like, that we ignore the macro environment in which our customers operate. But you don’t need to have a degree in economics to understand the …

Most marketing teams, when asked to commit to a leads number, sign-up for marketing qualified leads (MQLs). But here is the problem with MQLs – they are practically useless beyond the marketing organization.

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