Shailesh Chitnis

Former business scribe, current Compile evangelist. Likes quality copy, hates jargon. Believes in Orwell’s six rules for writing.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Or why unlimited vacations are good for your company.

Regular readers of this blog (an ever growing tribe, we hope) may have noticed that we are an opinionated bunch. Our authors have very definite view points on topics ranging from marketing metrics to product development to start-up financing. It …

Growing a start-up can sometimes feel like pushing multiple boulders up a steep hill. At Compile, we have been at this for a few years. While we still have a long way to go, we seem to have a good …

A few months back, I was interviewing a candidate (let’s call him C). On paper, C was the perfect candidate - solid academic pedigree, clean coding style and skill sets that matched our needs. So it was more a case …

Three easy reads that can help you plan and launch an effective marketing campaign that is based on curated content (while leaving enough time to enjoy the weekend).

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