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Content marketers could become their own worst enemy - Rand Fishkin

Bottom line: whatever you’re doing in content strategy, production and promotion today had better be so runaway incredible that you can earn and own an audience soon, before the world of content (potentially) goes from the wild west, to an overcrowded, hyper-competitive field where standing out to jaded, fatigued consumers is 10X harder than it is today.

Is it okay to cold call a prospect on their mobile phone?-  Craig Rosenberg 

It’s harder then ever to reach people as it is. Is it kosher to call someone you don’t know on their mobile? My take is, the mobile phone is fair game. It is truly hard to tell what’s a cell phone and what isn’t anyway. If someone complains (which they do/will/have the right to do), I apologize and offer to call back. But to me, relevance and approach always win. Heck, people get pissed if you email or call them on their desk phone with something that isn’t of interest to them. If you have the right person, the right message, and the right energy, your intrusion is forgiven.

Choosing the sales start-up mentality! - Tibor Shanto

The one consistent lesson I learn from these StartUp sellers, is they look at every week as a start-up week. If they were starting their sales job today, if they were new to the company and or territory, how would they approach it?

3 ways B2B marketers can help sales understand customer intent - Howard Brown, RingDNA

Many B2B companies don’t ultimately close deals online. Rather, deals are closed over the telephone by inside sales reps. If reps can access this data in context, they can then solve customer pain points quicker and have more successful sales conversations as a result.

You win some, you “luge” some- Sirius Decisions

If you are looking for pipeline acceleration programs, think of a luge course. Don’t just look at what you can provide your reps at the bottom of the funnel, but what you can do to enable them at the top of the funnel, when they sled first leave the starting gate.

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