Here’s our round-up of the five pieces you should read this weekend, if that’s all you have the time for.

Why writing for a company publication is so damn hard - Pamela Vaughan

Controversial content can be a great thing when you’re writing for a news publication, because news sites make money off controversy — particularly the traffic that comes along with it. A company, on the other hand, can get screwed — and actually lose money. 

Do you know what your customer is thinking? - Don F Perkins

Your customer is thinking a lot of things that they will probably never actually say out loud. Maybe they are shy, or just being cautious, or maybe they don’t know quite how to articulate what it is they are feeling. One thing is for sure though, if you read between the lines there are several common thoughts that almost all your customers are thinking, and until you address those thoughts, you won’t get far

LinkedIn Wants to Be Your Soapbox, Not Just Your Résumé- New York Times

With the new tool, which will be rolled out gradually to LinkedIn’s membership over the coming weeks, users will be able to write and publish posts longer than the 600-character maximum that exists for status updates now. The posts will initially be shared with people in each user’s network, but if they are popular and compelling enough, LinkedIn’s algorithms might send them out more broadly.

The ROI of LinkedIn sponsored updates- NewsCred

Of the two content marketing tactics studied, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and native ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates has a 20% lower cost per name generated

Every dollar invested in LinkedIn Sponsored Updates yields more than \$17 in revenue, almost 6x the ROI of Adwords

And finally, some weekend humour:

The best sales moments in Film and T.V. -Coffee for closers

That’s it. You’re done! Have a good weekend.