Open sourcing Compile’s backbone for extracting data from websites. And paying homage to our favorite characters in the process.

There is an inherent conflict between how users view themselves in relation to a social media company (i.e. as consumers) and how the company views them (as a “big data generating commodity”). This post explores the implications.

Data tends to be typically unstructured and is represented in a very high dimensional space making it very difficult to understand, visualize and classify. This piece demystifies dimensionality reduction, which is all about representing data to draw the right inferences.

I’d like to think that we are a lazy bunch, here at Compile. We are also obsessive about building the best product possible. Happily, the two can co-exist. Here’s how.

We strive for speed as we are conditioned to believe that being fast is a good thing. As we become wiser, we realize that going against our intuition by taking some things slowly may sometimes be more effective.

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