In working with our customers over the past few years, some patterns have emerged that separate “best-in-class” companies from those that are not. Here are six things that the high functioning ones do differently.

I started my career as a sales representative and can attest to the fact that it is not for the fainthearted. While product pitches were fun as was the thrill of a sale, I didn’t do so well with rejections.

The SDR role requires many characteristics including a thick skin. Even the best and most experienced SDRs will inevitably be hung up on, told “no” up to 50 times on a bad day. Does the candidate get rattled by a …

A Compile pre-lead promises a time definite sales event and not only the project, but the context around that project. The opportunity for the salesperson is to prepare, pursue, and package the pre-lead to hand off to the outside salesperson …

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