Unparalleled provider affiliations

Leverage Compile’s best-in-class affiliations to map the relationships between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs)

Better affiliations through algorithms

Legacy solutions
Limited understanding of HCP/HCO relationships HCPs are mapped to each facility/ location (where activity occurs) and further linked to the respective HCO
Inconsistent and ragged provider hierarchy Beyond simple parent-child structure, Compile maps intermediate/regional IDNs with their right child HCOs
Absence of accurate primary affiliations mapping Strength of all relationships are quantified between 1-100 derived from several metrics (ex. volume of patients)
Static or outdated affiliations Compile affiliations are refreshed monthly to reflect the latest affiliation linkages
Coverage gaps Amalgamation from multiple sources and regular enhancements make Compile affiliations best in class
Difficult to link entities with other data assets Each entity is assigned a unique Compile ID & can be linked to multiple other data sources

Consistent provider hierarchy

One location, one ID

Accurate mapping for facilities and HCOs; eliminate duplicate/incorrect records through accurate customer master

Consistent hierarchy

Beyond simple parent-child structure, Compile maps intermediate/regional IDNs with their right child HCOs

Accurate class of trade (CoT)

Correctly attributing multiple locations to Compile ID, identifying the nature of activity accurately

Strength of affiliations

Quantitative measurement of affiliation between two entities, based on clinical activity, provider databases and more

Compile’s affiliation score

Accurate affiliations are hard

Provider affiliations change on a frequent basis. Survey or offline methods aren’t scalable for the volume of entity relationships.

Compile’s approach

Build affiliation map and hierarchy using a data-driven approach that triangulates information from multiple sources.


Affiliations are dynamically updated, based on change in input data stream. Additionally, use of large data mining combined with custom-built algorithms identify linkages that are not present through other means.

Accurate linkages for cleaner insights

Customer master Leverage superior affiliations as the base of your customer master. Accurate roll-ups, timely refreshes and minimize duplicate accounts
Market sizing Correctly size the market for your brand by attributing sales and claims activity to the right accounts and parent IDNs
Referral analytics Map the flow of referral traffic between physicians and also physicians and facilities to identify gaps in your coverage