Provider 360°

Comprehensive, detailed and linked intelligence on 2M+ healthcare professionals and over 800K facilities

Complete view of provider activity

Entities profiled

2M+ HCP profiles
600K+ HCO and facilities
1M+ Medical doctors and specialists
200k+ Group practices
7,100 Hospitals
12K+ ASCs
100K+ Long term care facilities
1,000+ IDNs
15K+ Laboratories
9K+ Dialysis centers
1,400+ Teaching hospitals
50K+ Pharmacies

Data fields

Unified data assets linked with a Compile ID

The COMPILE ID is a standardised token assigned to every healthcare entity and can be used to map them across data sources.

Clinical trials Over 75k clinical trials for 38k investigators along with the site of trial is linked to the Compile ID starting 2006
PubMed Publications Over 1.1M+ publications and 170k+ authors across 25 specialties starting 2006 are mapped to their Compile ID
Affiliations Over 6 million HCP-HCO and HCO-HCO affiliations along with the final and intermediate parents are identified and mapped using Compile IDs
Open payments Over $8B company payments pertaining to 1.2M+ HCPs are linked to the Compile ID for 2016 to 2019 time period. Speaker and Attendees for conferences are identified from conference payment information
Twitter Twitter handle for over 30k physician’s across 13 specialties is mapped to their Compile ID along with the follower and following counts
Medical & Pharmacy Claims High capture longitudinal medical (~55-60%) and pharmacy claims (~45%) sourced from clearing houses/switches; captures details around physician and provider’s prescribing and referring patterns