Unified. Flexible. Seamless.

With Compile’s pre-linked, cleansed and user-friendly data, commercial teams can spend more time on increasing conversions across entire customer lifecycle

Foundational data for all your commercial needs

Linked, enriched and analytics ready, Compile transforms messy and disparate datasets into an intuitive graph of healthcare providers and patients


Every large dataset, such as patient-level data (PLD), sales data and pharmacy claims have gaps due to partial or erroneous data fields. These need to be identified and cleansed before the data can be used.


Users of these datasets have to a steep learning curve to understand the data structure and build queries. Additionally multiple tables and a proliferation of fields require complex queries.


Presence of treating or associated providers (HCP/HCO) is critical in using claims-based data for any analytics. Yet these important fields aren’t filled in many instances, limiting provider and patient counts.


Joining multiple data assets isn’t straight forward. In the absence of a consistent key across all data, users have to build custom matching rules. This is time consuming and prone to errors.

Compile’s Smart Data layer

Unified, linked and analytics-ready data that gives a complete and accurate view of providers

Data done right

No more data wrangling

Spend zero time cleaning data errors, imputing missing values, or unifying messy data sets for analysis

Patient, provider or account view

With affiliations embedded into the patient-level data, analyze your market at whichever level of granularity you need

Shorten time-to-insights

Fully linked data across all areas and a user friendly data model designed for plug-and-play analytics

Use data as you see fit

Compile’s data structure can scale-up or scale-down to your requirements; get only the data you need

Day-one access

Instant provisioning, user-friendly data structure and multiple access mechanisms: Compile’s data platform enables life science teams accelerate data value

Analytics-ready schema

Compile’s data model is designed for life science use-cases; pre-defined fields, compact tables and intuitive layout

Entities profiled

30B+ Medical & pharmacy claims
300M+ Patients
>60% Open claims capture
100% Medicare claims capture
6M+ Affiliations
100+ Data sources
75K+ Clinical trials
1.1M+ Publications
$80B+ Company payments
50K+ Twitter profiles
600K+ Facilities
1,000+ IDNs
Open Claims

High capture longitudinal patient-level data for medical and pharmacy claims

Payer-complete claims

100% Medicare longitudinal patient-level data for parts A, B and D


Visibility into patients’ diagnoses, diagnostic tests, assessments, vaccines, vitals, Rx


High capture longitudinal patient-level data for medical and pharmacy claims

Customer master

Complete 360° intelligence on 2M+ healthcare professionals and over 800K facilities

Research data

Over 20M publications and 100K clinical trials linked to HCPs and sites (locations)

Payer master

Normalized and cleansed payer names for channel or line-of-business analysis

Decision-maker activity

Physician participation in over 800 committees, medical associations and patient advocacy tracked

Digital ontology

Machine-learning driven that connects all coding standards (ICD-10, NDC, MeSH etc.)