The network of record

Healthbase is the most comprehensive, accurate and linked dataset of US healthcare entities. Built from the ground-up using proprietary claims intelligence, public datasets and machine-learning, Healthbase gives unparalleled view into the affiliation and key metrics for practitioners and facilities.

Comprehensive coverage

Healthbase uses advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to link records from a vast array of sources to create real time affiliations between prescribers, practices, hospitals, health systems, and ACOs.


Health systems


ACO contracts




Physician groups

Accurate affiliations

Using a variety of data sources, from claims to regulatory filings, Healthbase has algorithmically mapped the complex affiliation linkages between IDNs, hospitals and providers. Our proprietary claims database gives us visibility into over 95% of the payers and 1.8 million US HCPs.

Legacy data vendors rely on manual processes like phone verification or web research to build affiliations. These methods suffer from patchy quality and long refresh times. By using real-time claims data to build affiliations, Healthbase can predict not only the links between entities but also the strength of the relationship.

Real-time alerts

Be informed of current events by reviewing M&A activity, executive movements, financing announcements, technology changes and much more.

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The right target, with the right message at the right time

Which physicians matter most in your market? Where are prescribing decisions made? Where are the relevant referral streams? Is it the right time to engage your rep network or is a multi-channel marketing campaign more appropriate?

Use Healthbase to measure accurate strengths of relationships between physicians and IDNs and map relationships and relative contracting strength between payers and IDNs within a market.

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Spend less time on prepping the data

Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies need to understand the complicated decision-making machinery of their target customers. Countless hours are wasted by sales and marketing organizations trying to manually de-construct this buyer puzzle before the real work of selling and marketing can begin.

Healthbase lets you gain deeper insights by easily rolling-up claims data to accurately report volume by health system or major provider type.

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Get contextual insights

Healthbase shines a light on your provider networks to illuminate centers of excellence as well as problematic signals and potential indications of fraud. Enhance your understanding of critical commercial processes within sales, marketing, and managed markets with a dataset that is analytics ready.