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Healthgraph capabilities

Detailed entity hierarchy

Understand the true structure of health systems and healthcare groups, not a simple parent-child relationship

Superior HCO/HCP affiliations

Visualize complex healthcare networks with more depth and accuracy

HCO/HCP targeting

Segment healthcare organizations (HCOs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) based on their behavior in specific diagnosis area

Graph power for life sciences

Uncover the relationships between HCPs/HCOs, measure provider influence and map affiliation hierarchy through the graph-based dataset

Intelligent market sizing

Estimate the addressable market for your product using more contextual parameters

Specialized data needs

Every organization faces unique data challenges. We work with customers to solve their specific data challenges, by leveraging our platform.

Helping life sciences companies maximize commercial value

KoL identification & influence mapping

Objectively rank top influencers in a given disease state or topic area based on network centrality and influence reach

Account targeting

Understand the structure and locus of control of IDNs and key accounts

Sales force optimization

Set realistic goals for the brand. Better understand the total available market and the staffing needs by geo and by account

Customer mastering

Eliminate data silos across your systems by connecting and normalizing provider data using Compile’s proprietary machine learning algorithms

Advanced algorithms for better data

By combining deep public data with over 12B private pharmaceutical and medical claims has built has the most complete dataset in the industry*.

Healthgraph combines all the data and produces custom graphs and visualzations.

* Data partnership with Healthbase.

For more details on Healthgraph data please see the product page or reach out to us at [email protected]

For more details on Healthgraph please reach out to us

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