Power commercial operations with superior provider affiliations

Compile’s detailed & scored affiliations is the most reliable foundation for your sales and marketing efforts

Best-in-class provider affiliations

Scored affiliations

Quantitative measurement of affiliation between two entities, based on clinical activity, provider databases and more

Real-world hierarchy

Compile maps relationships between practitioners, facilities and IDNs using a dynamic graph that mirrors real-world

One-location-one ID

Accurate mapping for facilities and HCOs; eliminate duplicate/incorrect records through accurate customer master

Accurate linkages for cleaner insights

Increase pipeline, discover new targets

Compile’s high-capture provider affiliations identify newer accounts and contacts

Optimize sales attribution

Use Compile’s score-based affiliations to correctly “roll-up” sales at a facility or account level

Data that mirrors the real world

Compile’s clean hierarchy reflects an account’s actual structure; eliminate ragged hierarchies form your MDM

No more duplicates

Location-based facility tagging removes any duplicate records for a clean customer master

Drive results with the most reliable provider intelligence in the industry

HCP 360

Detailed intelligence to identify, reach and engage over 2M physicians, NP/PAs and other allied HCPs

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Account 360

Actionable insights on healthcare organizations (HCOs) and IDNs for account-based sales

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