Compile Talks

Building a company is hard. Building a profitable company is harder still. At Compile, we are always looking to learn from people who have built great products and companies. Compile Talks is an occasional series where we invite technologists, business leaders and thinkers to share their journey.

Set in our offices in Bangalore, these talks are open to the Compile team and friends of Compile.

Past Speakers

Ankit Sobti
Co-founder, CTO at Postman
April 19th 2018

Building a B2B product company out of India

Postman is the leading tool used by developers worldwide for building APIs. It is now used by 5 million developers and more than 100,000 companies to access 130 million APIs every month. Ankit walked through the genesis of the company, from an idea to the enterprise it is today. Along the way, he shared the lessons learned in taking a developer-first product to market.

Rangarajan K
CEO at 6th Energy
February 16th 2018

Grit and grime of building a sustainable business

6th Energy is an IoT company with solutions and products for remote management of energy, environment and surveillance using broadband/cellular networks. Founded in 2003, the company now operates the world's largest smart mini-grid network. Rangarajan's talk covered the reality of building a profitable business, one that focuses on the top and bottom-line. In particular, Rajan emphasised the importance of persistence and grit over any vanity metrics.

Vihari Komaragiri
Co-founder at DoNew
December 18th 2017

Product thinking workshop

As an early Google India employee and an experienced product manager, spoke about the key elements of a product-first company. Vihari covered topics including using design thinking in product development, segmenting products into multiple versions and getting a MVP to a customer as early as possible, the importance of having a moonshot project (a-la Google), and ways to encourage cross-functional collaboration.

Using live exercises and interactive games, Vihari's talk encompassed the entire product development journey.