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Beyond static firmographics

Businesses are defined by more than just their size, revenue or vertical.

Segment and track companies based on things that matter to you.

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Not just company alerts

PR news releases or newswire-based articles only reveal limited information about an organization. We analyze billions of records that are publicly available, but hard to reach through regular searches.

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World refresh

Fresh and accurate

Compile’s organization intelligence is built by triangulating data from multiple sources. The database is also linked to the original sources to reflect updates in near-real time.

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Structured data, analytics-ready

Every data nugget in Compile can be used to build nested queries and deep analytics. Use it directly or combine it with other sources.

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The complete data stack for US businesses


Coverage for companies with 100+ employees


IT categories profiled


Company triggers tracked

Derive unlimited insights

Data that fits any use-case

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Strategy and planning

Identify market movements before others, track competitors


Customer support

Know exactly what matters to your customers

Report problem circle

Risk assessment

Rate businesses based on their business health indicators

Business trade

Sales and marketing

Insider intelligence for true account-based sales and marketing

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IT buyers

Stay informed of vendor strengths and weaknesses before your next purchase

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Use our data directly, create mash-ups for business-ready analytics