Generate actionable insights across different stages of a drug’s lifecycle

Boost the success of your brand with Compile

Unprecedented visibility

Compile’s high capture longitudinal medical and pharmacy claims data is refreshed weekly to give you a peek into the evolving dynamics and latest trends in the market

Faster insights

Unified, linked and cleaned data enhanced with industry business rules and algorithms makes analytics and insight generation more efficient

Customer centricity

Simplifying every aspect of engagement by providing exhaustive training, quick turnarounds, ongoing query support and transparent algorithms

Innovative products

Intuitive visualizations and pre-built applications help in generating quick summaries, identifying patterns and taking informed decisions

Thought partnership

Engage with Compile’s team of data, analytics and therapy area experts for scoping, designing and executing complex projects for answering key business questions


Get only the data you need, in-time, without onerous agreements delivered much sooner without the red tape and hassle

Compile caters to diverse industry segments

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Helping customers outperform across commercial lifecycle


Timely and processed insights for an evolving market


Analytics-ready data to improve member drives

Emerging biopharma

Linked real-world data and deep public data for targeted insights


Data and applications that improve patient value and outcomes

Consulting firms

Preferred data partner for designing innovative solutions

Technology & data science for efficient and superior business insights

Graph technology

Commercial pharma relies on relationship information (HCP and HCO addresses, affiliations, referrals, influence networks). Compile uses native graph processing, including index-free adjacency to facilitate traversals.

Cloud platform

Compile is cloud agnostic and all our data is stored securely on a cloud platform designed to enable faster access to insights. Cloud platform saves the hassle of data management and makes query execution and data transfer faster.

Data science algorithms

Compile uses industry leading ML/NLP technologies, to normalize and link the data across sources. This helps the data speak one language across our platform and maintains a uniform view for the user.