The modern data backbone for life sciences

The only healthcare intelligence data you need to hit your commercial goals

Boost your brand with the industry’s most complete, unified healthcare data asset

Single source of truth

Only end-to-end, fully linked data solution

Not commodity claims

Cleansed, normalized and analytics ready patient-level data

Best-in-class provider affiliations

Affiliations that are scored, auto-refreshed and reflect real-world hierarchy

Complete customer visibility

Supports provider, account or patient-centric data analysis

Innovative pricing

Flexible model to work with companies of all sizes

Win-win data partner

Customer-first ethos with simple licensing & responsive support

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Get more providers, more patients, more accounts

Compile’s high-capture data assets provide deep visibility into HCPs, HCOs and patients, across all areas of care

Drive results with hyper-targeted profiling

Move beyond static demographics and get complete visibility into accounts and prospects in your market

Instant insights

With day-one data access, user-friendly data structure and multiple access mechanisms, Compile is purpose-built for commercial analytics

Simplify data hygiene

Power your commercial data operations with reliable customer master data to drive effective sales and marketing efforts

Foundational data to fuel your commercial strategy

Enhanced Patient Data

Linked, enriched and analytics-ready, Compile’s high-capture patient-level data provides a complete map of your market, across therapy areas

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Provider 360

Accurate, comprehensive and detailed customer reference on over 2M+ healthcare professionals (HCPs) over 800K+ facilities, including IDNs

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Powering insights for some of the most innovative companies in the world