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Enhanced patient data, Provider 360




longitudinal patients


of payers


Medicare claims data (Parts A, B, C, D)

The Compile difference

Clean, analytics-ready data with unparalleled accuracy and recency

Best-in-class affiliations with precise scoring and flexible hierarchies

Easy to work with; premium customer service

Best-in-class affiliations

Our tech-forward, automated approach allows us to gather data from many diverse sources and results in:

Up-to-date information refreshed monthly

Unsurpassed accuracy based on a triangulation of myriad sources

More affiliations and more information in your data

Get precise affiliations scoring for better field intelligence and sales attribution

Traditional affiliations

Simple connections between HCPs and their affiliations​

Compile’s scored network of affiliations

Actual affiliation map of an HCP along with strength of relationship​​

Patient and market insights, fast

Our analytics-ready datasets are cleansed and enhanced, so the data is ready when you are

Provider 360 ReadyData

  • HCP and HCO attributes
  • HCP- Facility affiliations and HCO-Parent hierarchies
  • Precise affiliations scoring

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Open Claims ReadyData

  • Mix of payers (Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid)
  • Bonus physician affiliations
  • Medical and pharmacy claims for 2017+

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Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData

  • Mix of 80 payers (Commercial, Individual, Medicare, and Medicaid)
  • 100% capture for included payers
  • Medical and pharmacy claims for 2017+

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All Medicare Closed Claims ReadyData

  • 100% Medicare capture
  • Parts A, B, C, and D data available
  • Medical and pharmacy claims for 2015+

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Electronic Health Records ReadyData

  • Large national ambulatory install base
  • Includes labs, procedures, diagnoses, allergies, and demographic data
  • Data from 2015+

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From sale to implementation, we strive to eliminate barriers

Simple contracts, one and done

Fit-for-purpose pricing structure

No separate interfaces, no need for IT procurement

Day 1 cloud-based data access

Experience premium customer service

Response time of 1 business day

In-house data experts for questions and visualizations

Full disclosure of what we’re good at, and what we’re not

Trusted by innovative life science brands

Powering insights throughout the product life cycle

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