Data crafted to
a higher standard

Data crafted
to a higher standard

McKesson Compile - Data crafted to a higher standard

Get data that’s ready when you are.
Crafted by life science experts for life science experts, our data is enriched with essential insights specifically tailored for the biopharma world.

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McKesson Compile - Data crafted to a higher standard

We make things simple

McKesson Compile data includes patient claims and provider reference data that’s delivered analytics-ready to meet all your data needs. Expect high-capture, high-fidelity data that is cleansed, normalized, deduped and enhanced with modeled variables and values. Our data is provisioned within 48 hours, easy to integrate, and built for how you work.

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Datasets for your toughest business problems

Provider Data

Provider 360 ReadyData

Carefully compiled provider attribute and affiliations data that maps the relationships between healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and integrated delivery networks.

Patient Data

Open Claims ReadyData

Medical and pharmacy claims data on 300M+ patients dating back to 2017.

Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData

Closed claims medical and pharmacy data sourced from 80 payers across Commercial, Individual, Medicare, and Medicaid plans, dating back to 2017.

All Medicare Closed Claims ReadyData

Full capture of Medicare parts A, B, C, and D dating back to 2015

Maximize insights by adding more elements to your data.

Add McKesson Compile Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) data to drive incremental insights into the patient journey and help you meet your health equity goals.




longitudinal patients


of payers


Medicare claims data (Parts A, B, C, D)

Experience the McKesson Compile difference

Clean, analytics-ready data

Rigorous data cleansing, deduplication, and standardization

Linkage across datasets

Facilitates deeper analysis across multiple levels of the HCP-HCO hierarchy

Robust affiliations

Extensive, highly accurate affiliations with unique features including scoring and flexible hierarchies

Fast and flexible

Data provisioned within 48 hours. Fast contracting, flexible pricing, premium client service

Easy to access data

Frees up bandwidth by eliminating the burden on IT time and cost

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