Data backbone for commercial

By mapping the complex web of relationships between prescribers, facilities and allied organizations, Compile helps life science companies accelerate commercial effectiveness

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What makes Compile’s platform different?


Compile maps relationships between practitioners, facilities, corporate entities and events using a dynamic graph that mirrors real-world connections

Multiple data views

By providing interactive data explorer, graph viewer or custom export, Compile makes it easy for our customers to focus on insights from the data, not grapple with data wrangling

Insights, not data

Compile’s pre-built applications deliver insights across the commercial life cycle, from brand strategy and launch planning to sales force sizing and incentive mapping


Every data element in Compile can be used to build nested queries and deep analytics. Use it directly or combine it with other sources

Connects data silos

Compile seamlessly links data across your commercial data silos to normalize entities, remove duplicate entries and eliminate orphan accounts


Compile's data platform is built to structure and organize disparate data types, whether public or private data sets. Leverage the platform for your specific needs


Healthgraph capabilities

Detailed entity hierarchy

Understand the true structure of health systems and healthcare groups, not a simple parent-child relationship

Superior HCO/HCP affiliations

Visualize complex healthcare networks with more depth and accuracy

HCO/HCP targeting

Segment healthcare organizations (HCOs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) based on their behavior in specific diagnosis area

Graph power for life sciences

Uncover the relationships between HCPs/HCOs, measure provider influence and map affiliation hierarchy through the graph-based dataset

Intelligent market sizing

Estimate the addressable market for your product using more contextual parameters

Specialized data needs

Every organization faces unique data challenges. We work with customers to solve their specific data challenges, by leveraging our platform.