Provider affiliations

Increase pipeline, discover new targets with McKesson Compile’s high-capture provider affiliations

No more duplicates

Location-based facility tagging removes any duplicate records for a clean customer master

Data that mirrors the real world

McKesson Compile’s clean hierarchy reflects an account’s actual structure; eliminate ragged hierarchies from your MDM

Optimize sales attribution

Use McKesson Compile’s score-based affiliations to correctly “roll-up” sales at a facility or account level

Foundational data to fuel your commercial strategy

Provider 360

Industry-leading provider attribute and affiliations data that maps the relationships between HCPs, HCOs, and IDNs.

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Open Claims

Medical and pharmacy claims data on 300M+ patients dating back to 2017.

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Multi-Payer Closed Claims

Comprehensive closed claims dataset of medical and pharmacy data from 80 payers across Commercial, Individual, Medicare and Medicaid plans, dating back to 2017.

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All Medicare Closed Claims

Full capture of Medicare parts A, B, C, and D from CMS, dating back to 2015.

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Electronic Health Records

EHR data - including lab test results, procedures, diagnoses, allergies, and demographics - from a large national install base, dating back to 2015.

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