Call planning

Reach and engage your customers real-time insights into accounts and prescribers

Assign the right HCPs, to the right reps, every time

Leverage the most accurate and up to date affiliations and practice address information to optimize the promotional activity

Improve efficiency of the sales reps

Real-time insights into the change in HCP affiliations and practice locations help in better call planning in turn improving the efficiency of rep

Maximize sales with correct targeting strategy

Understand the ownership structure of the IDN and the level of control to decide b/w top down vs. bottom up targeting strategy

Foundational data to fuel your commercial strategy

Enhanced Patient Data

Linked, enriched and analytics-ready, Compile’s high-capture patient-level data provides a complete map of your market, across therapy areas

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Provider 360

Accurate, comprehensive and detailed customer reference on over 2M+ healthcare professionals (HCPs) over 800K+ facilities, including IDNs

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