Personalize every engagement

Use the most in-depth provider intelligence to get complete context on your customer

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Single view of your customer

Adaptive to your sales model

Provider intelligence supports both physician and account-based sales

Beyond claims—based profiling

100+ attributes, from basic to advanced, to support advanced segmentation

Network view

Detailed view of provider relationships, from affiliations to influence graphs

Easy integration

Robust set of industry identifiers and matching algorithms to connect across data sources

Enterprise-grade customer master

High accuracy master data for your commercial operations

Continuously refreshed

All data sources are self-refreshed to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date insights

Power commercial operations with superior provider affiliations

McKesson Compile’s detailed & scored affiliations is the most reliable foundation for your sales and marketing efforts

Best-in-class provider affiliations

Optimize sales attribution

Use McKesson Compile’s score-based affiliations to correctly “roll-up” sales at a facility or account level

Data that mirrors the real world

McKesson Compile’s clean hierarchy reflects an account’s actual structure; eliminate ragged hierarchies from your MDM

No more duplicates

Location-based facility tagging removes any duplicate records for a clean customer master

High-impact provider intelligence

Move beyond basic demographics and get a 360° view of physicians and allied healthcare professionals in your market

Accurate, unified view of prescriber activity​

Uncover hidden pipeline, discover new targets

McKesson Compile’s high-capture provider intelligence has an unparalleled view into HCPs, HCOs IDNs and all allied entities across all market areas

Leverage the peer network

Use McKesson Compile’s physician network map to derive influence maps, drive next best action, and identify similar and related accounts

Increase engagement through hyper targeting

Move beyond static demographics and execute precise outreach with real-time and unique insights on every account in your market

Identify and reach your next best customer

Move beyond claims-based deciling and incorporate behavioral and preference-based signals

Redefine account-based selling

Accelerate pipeline with McKesson Compile’s deep intelligence on HCOs and IDNs

Intelligent commercial execution​

Prospect smarter, not harder

Complete visibility into the accounts in your territory, customized to your brand

Target your accounts with precision

Learn about each facility’s location, ownership structure, clinical activity and more​

Unlock new opportunities

Use McKesson Compile’s affiliations & referral network to understand clinical patterns

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