Outpatient and ambulatory EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHR) data is obtained from multiple EHR companies. Compile’s EHR offering is largely outpatient and ambulatory, with structured and semi-structured data.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) expands available insights

Using this rich data source as a stand alone or to augment claims analysis enriches insights across the board

Data done right

Identify patients based on demographics

Because the EHR is the record of information collected by the HCPs, it contains self reported or measured patient demographic information, such as sex, gender, smoking status, age, height and weight

Determine treatments based on lab results

Because the EHR is the record of information used by the HCP, it contains the results of tests that were sent to the lab, such as biopsy and blood test results.

Segment patients based on allergies

Because the EHR is the record of information collected by the HCP, it contains a patient's allergies whether documented via medical history or self reported by the patient during intake.

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Open Claims

Open claims data is obtained from clearing houses and switches, therefore it does not guarantee that all claims for a patient are captured. Open claims represent some, and possibly all, claims for a specific patient.

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Closed Claims

Closed claims are obtained directly from the payer, therefore it is assumed that it’s a complete picture of all the claims for a given patient.

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