High capture open claims

Open claims data is obtained from clearing houses and switches, therefore it does not guarantee that all claims for a patient are captured. Open claims represent some, and possibly all, claims for a specific patient.

Medical and pharmacy claims inform complete patient treatment landscape

Supported by retail and specialty pharmacy claims for a comprehensive patient landscape

Data done right

Industry leading medical claims capture rate

Medical Claims are obtained via a patient’s medical insurance. Each claim contains ICD10 diagnosis codes and HCP information from procedures, visits and items billed in a clincal setting, such as hospital, outpatient center or doctor's office.

Linked retail pharmacy claims

Retail Pharmacy claims are obtained via a patient’s pharmacy insurance. These claims are for medicines that are prescribed by an HCP and picked up at a pharmacy location.

Unique claim level data for 220+ specialty pharmacy drugs

Specialty Pharmacy claims are obtained via a patient’s pharmacy insurance. These claims are dispensed by companies called Specialty Pharmacies. As the name implies, they dispense medicines that have a high dollar value and are less common. These medicines are typically mailed directly to the patient.

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Closed Claims

Closed claims are obtained directly from the payer, therefore it is assumed that it’s a complete picture of all the claims for a given patient.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR) data is obtained from multiple EHR companies. Compile’s EHR offering is largely outpatient and ambulatory, with structured and semi-structured data.

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