Global Vaccine Manufacturer Gets Precise with Targeting and Opens Doors at a Health System Level with McKesson Compile

A McKesson Compile client and leading vaccine manufacturer, Company X supplies more than one billion vaccines globally, protecting one-half billion lives annually against infectious diseases.

Company X has been a McKesson Compile customer since 2020, purchasing the “McKesson Compile Complete” dataset, with full access to Provider 360 and Enhanced Patient Data.

The Business Challenge

When Company X’s commercial team developed a strategy to target a specific sub-set of patients for one of their vaccines, they were at a loss to identify the providers who treated these patients with the data they had.

Unlike the prescription drug market, for which rich datasets are amply available, visibility into the vaccine market is extremely limited. Company X’s Analytics team had access to commercial claims data, but this was in the form of aggregated reports, and some limited Medicare data (Part B only).

"There are two things we need to track: the number of shipments, and then what is actually going into someone’s arm. Whatever sources were available for this information were of limited sample size so we couldn’t make any decisions from it. We were missing that visibility into provider-level claims data."


A consulting partner introduced the Sr. Director of Analytics at Company X to McKesson Compile initially due to their rich Medicare data. McKesson Compile was able to provide the Analytics team with Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) data to supplement their existing Medicare Part B data. Now the Analytics team had visibility into the full Medicare market, but they had to integrate two sets of reports to obtain a complete dataset, a difficult task given the data was refreshed at different frequencies. Additionally, the Medicare Part B vendor charged additional fees every time they made a request for help with the data.

With McKesson Compile, on the other hand, they experienced fast turnaround times; accurate, error-free data; and a partner that listened to their needs and was more than willing to answer their business questions.

Company X eventually consolidated all their business with McKesson Compile, saving money while getting better data, better visibility, and better service. They now have access to “McKesson Compile Complete” - which includes Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D, as well as a high-capture database of patient claims and quality affiliations. Their Analytics team can run their own queries using this unlimited and constantly updated database. In addition, McKesson Compile worked with Company X’s Analytics team to build algorithms that feed into custom reports.


With this rich and complete dataset, the vaccine manufacturer was able to identify which vaccines HCPs were dispensing, and to whom, allowing them to create precise targeting lists and direct messages for each of their vaccines to specific providers.

McKesson Compile also helped Company X connect the dots between providers and the locations where their patients receive vaccines. The vaccine manufacturer could now also target retail pharmacies as well as the providers who were sending patients to be vaccinated at these locations, helping to ensure patients received the optimal vaccine regardless of where they were vaccinated.

In addition, McKesson Compile data helped the vaccine manufacturer open doors directly with health systems. Using a mix of the claims and affiliations data, the Analytics team created dashboards detailing immunization rates as well as hospitalization rates by health system. Their Sales team could then use this data to gain health systems’ attention and help them increase their quality metrics, a key focus point for their executive teams.

"It is an eye opener for the health system seeing that data because the Quality Officer pushes for results. It helps us open the door for business, saying, ‘We are here to help you raise your quality metrics.’"

A True Partner

Unlike previous experiences, the vaccine manufacturer received a true data partner when they switched to McKesson Compile. Going beyond just the raw data and reports that the Analytics team had received from previous data vendors, McKesson Compile helped to get answers to their business problems.

"The McKesson Compile team makes every effort to understand the problems we are facing and the business questions we are trying to answer. I have never seen that kind of service from any vendor. The team I work with at McKesson Compile is amazing; they’re more than data technical experts. I can talk to them in my language and they get it."

"McKesson Compile did a great job maintaining data accuracy and making sure there were quality checks at every step of the process. Plus we saw a very quick turnaround on our requests. I can get my questions answered in days while other vendors take three months."

Are your data needs being met by your current vendor? Contact McKesson Compile to see how you can increase your dataset and work with a true partner to bring your insights to light.
The Trifecta of Sales, Marketing, and Analytics

When this vaccine manufacturer’s Marketing team thinks about upcoming strategies, they start with the Analytics team to understand where the entire market is from a data perspective. Questions they want to understand include:

  • What is our market share?
  • How is our product doing compared to our competition?
  • What is the mix of our customers?
  • If there is product defection, what types of customers are we losing?

Questions the Analytics team asks in return include:

  • What are the business questions you’re trying to answer?
  • Why are these business questions important to you?
  • What would you do if you had that information? What actions would you take?
  • How would these actions drive impact or help you achieve the business strategy?

The Analytics team asks for the objective of the marketing promotions so they can use McKesson Compile data to supply a list of providers that should be targeted for each one. They also track ordering on a day-to-day basis. If they see that a particular provider or retailer has not ordered as much product as they had previously, they investigate and come up with strategies to improve the numbers, such as sending a rep in to learn more about the situation and offer solutions.

"If a provider was seeing 1,500 patients, but only prescribing our vaccine to a small percentage of them, why was our vaccine not the standard of care? With data, we can answer this question and teach our Sales reps how to address this."

"You need to have that willingness to go beyond what is being asked of you. This means more than providing information on the customer mix; you’re really acting as a strategic partner with Sales and Marketing. If you really want to tell a story with your data, you have to know what the strategy is behind a particular analysis – what are you trying to do? This way, those teams are more prepared to go to their leadership with specific information such as, ‘look at what’s happening with these customers’ and explain why we may be at risk of losing them in the next six months."

"From a marketing perspective, it takes a specific skill set to turn data into a story. Not everyone can do that, especially vendors who don’t know our business. The team at McKesson Compile gets it – they understand what we’re trying to do and can deliver it."