Compile Expands Access to Real World Data for Life Sciences Companies with Novel Closed Claims Dataset

New data product containing full capture of 30 million patient lives enables sophisticated analyses and empowers better treatment and reimbursement outcomes

MENLO PARK, CA — JULY 19, 2023Compile, a novel provider of life sciences data products, today announced the launch of Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData, a dataset which will allow life sciences and biotech companies to conduct more granular analyses, leading to more optimized drug commercialization and reimbursement strategies.

Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData contains over 6.4 billion de-identified medical and prescription records and data from more than 80 payers, with a mix of Commercial, Individual, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. It covers 30 million patient lives, more than $720 billion in billings over five years of history, and two million unique providers, making it a highly robust source of information.

“It’s become increasingly clear in recent years that access to data that tells the full story of a patient’s journey through the healthcare system is critical to understanding the nuances of the market, especially for rare diseases,” said Isaac Fehrenbach, CEO of Compile. “Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData provides life sciences companies with this visibility, empowering them to do better, more granular analyses, and take steps to improve patients' financial access to drugs.”

“Closed” claims data provides full capture of all claims for members covered under certain plans, for a more complete view of a patient’s healthcare activities during a specific period. This comprehensive picture of all interactions with the healthcare system makes it superior to open claims databases for various common analyses, including patient journeys, persistence and compliance analyses, forecasting, and reimbursement analytics. It also provides critical validation in projections often used for analyses.

Unlike other closed claims datasets in the market, Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData contains both National Provider Identifier (NPI) and robust cost information, allowing users to identify economics and payer reimbursement at the clinician level, conduct sophisticated payer analytics, and get insights into market access questions.

It is also the only closed claims dataset available that assigns a proprietary and unique chronic condition identifier for each member, making it easy to identify and categorize members into clinically similar groups, which simplifies analyses such as comorbidity identification and patient journeys. In addition, it offers detailed billing data for insight into costs by payer and plan type, providing a complete view of patient economic burden as well as plan costs.

Compile’s products now include payer complete data from all payer types including Commercial, Individual, Medicare, and Medicaid. Compile’s data is readily available through a choice of data delivery vehicles with short turnaround times of as little as 24 hours, with flexible licensing models that allow customers to license only the data they need. Multi-Payer Closed Claims ReadyData is the fourth in Compile’s suite of data products, which include Open Claims ReadyData, All Medicare Closed Claims ReadyData, and Provider 360 ReadyData.

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About Compile

Compile helps life sciences companies develop and distribute lifesaving innovations by providing healthcare intelligence with high-capture, high-fidelity data across providers and patients. Compile captures and organizes data on 5.9M+ healthcare professionals, 2.9M+ facilities and 300M+ patient lives. Compile’s provider dataset contains best-in-class affiliations with unique, precise scoring and flexible hierarchies. By transforming messy and disparate datasets into clean, analytics-ready tables with unparalleled accuracy and recency, Compile enables commercial teams to move faster, while making our customers' lives easier with premium customer service and a flexible business model. Customers include leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology firms, and other healthcare innovators.

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